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Red River Carts of the Metis

The European desire for fur brought both challenges and opportunities. Despite the severe interruption to traditional lifestyles, many Indigenous bands of the Northern Plains tried to stay friendly. Cree/Ojibway women intermarried with traders of mostly French or Scottish decent. This brought about a new culture called “Metis”, from the French meaning “mixed”. Being Metis brought […]

Pemmican Proclamation

The word “pemmican” originates from the Cree language, loosely meaning “grease or fat”. Pemmican was an invaluable staple of the early Northern people. For centuries, pemmican fueled nomadic cultures and eased times that may have been lean. Without pemmican, much of the early exploration and migration may have been significantly slowed or halted completely. Journeys […]

Where We Come From

My goal has been to continue to help keep our heritage alive. Those of us that have been raised away from our “homelands” must actively seek information since it’s not readily available to us through a network of elders. Oh, how I wish I’d spent more time listening to my Grandparents! (photo is of my […]

Trapping in the Badlands

In January snow gathers deep in the woods and the howling of wolves can be heard echoing in the cold still air. Trapping and fur trade have been a part of the indigenous culture for centuries, first among each other and later with French and European fur traders. I have distant memories of my Grandpa […]