Our modern-day version of pemmican is a protein-rich meat product featuring a tasty blend of bison, beef, berries and other natural ingredients.

On the Trail

While hiking, biking, hunting or fishing, load up your backpack with pemmican to sustain your trek.

On the Job

While in the field, on the farm, or at the job site, fill your pockets with pemmican to finish strong.

On the Road

While traveling to your next adventure, bring along some pemmican to boost your energy and prolong the trip.

Pemmican: The Original Indigenous Superfood

Our company founder Patricia Mabin is a sixth-generation descendant of “The Great Chief”, Old Wild Rice of the Pembina/Turtle Mountain Band of Chippewa Indians, home of many Metis’ descendants (people of mixed European and indigenous ancestry).

What is Pemmican?

Traditionally, pemmican was made with a mixture of dried meat and rendered fat. Made properly, pemmican would last indefinitely and could sustain an individual for months. Our modern-day version consists of a blend of bison, beef, berries, and other natural ingredients.

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