Blend of Cultures Working Together

UTTC Summit Vendor Booth

Pemmican Patty Food Co. participated in its first UTTC Tribal Leaders Summit prior to the annual Powwow last week. It was an AWESOME experience! Talk about a blend of cultures working together for a common goal! Even though we were there to share our products, the biggest reward was in the connection with people that we saw during those three days.

I had the pleasure of sharing our vendor booth with someone I might call “sister” and had the opportunity to see her shine as well! It’s been an honor to be included in her world. Were it not for our heritage, we may never have taken the time to get to know each other. Although our tribal affiliations are different, our values of respect, honesty & integrity were obvious.

Once again, I learned that we human beings have more in common than not, especially when it comes to family & friends. Our love and commitment to them continue to keep us trying to make a better world “in a good way”. I felt the presence of our Creator and our ancestors. It was a feeling that we’re all related in one way or another. Another beautiful blend!