Traditional Medicinal Herbs and Flowers

Non-indigenous visitors and occupants of the “new world” believed that our ancestors relied on primitive remedies. We now know that many of the herbs used by Natives are very effective and have been instrumental in modern drug development.

Herb and flower selection used in natural herbal medicine.

The north-central region of Turtle Island has long been a rich source of edible and medicinal plants and flowers. You might be familiar with the use of mint for a soothing herbal tea. Did you know that teas made from the bark of the cranberry bush might help relieve abdominal cramps?

Yellow prairie coneflowers, used as a tea, treated headaches, poison ivy and side aches. Poultices made from these flowers were applied to wounds and the cones served as baby pacifiers!

Native Americans drank Juniper twig tea for colds and stomachaches. Hot packs of Juniper twigs and boiled berries helped to relieve sores and aches. Juniper berries continue to be popular worldwide as a flavoring in cooking, especially with venison and fish.

At Pemmican Patty, we strive to incorporate the best blend of herbs and spices to help support our goals to lead more healthy lives.