Our Partnership – A Beautiful Blend

Pemmican Patty Food Company began its journey in 2019. Our goal has been to preserve, protect and promote our American Indian/First Nation culture by creating a modern-day version of pemmican. Little did we know what an extraordinary experience was to come! The resiliency of our ancestors inspired our efforts. When roadblocks arose on the path, we became creative.

PPFC Partners

The strength of our family partnership lies in our diversity. Our skills and abilities complement each other to make us a truly “beautiful blend” of visionary, scientist, and marketer! Along the path we’ve been given incredible insight about ourselves and our culture that has fueled a fire to learn and do more! I spent the past year with my son and his family in San Diego. I’ve returned to ND in order to give Pemmican Patty Food Company my “full time” attention!

We continue to strive to bring the absolute best version of modern-day pemmican to you as soon as possible. While we’re developing that product, we are excited to offer four flavors of premium brisket beef jerky. We hope you’ll enjoy as much as we do! Our handcrafted jerky is high in protein, making it an ideal addition to your diet. It’s a satisfying alternative to protein bars! With no added preservatives or MSG, you’re sure you to get the best of what a brisket beef jerky can offer. AND we have two flavors completely gluten-free making it ideal for people who have dietary concerns!

I’ll be showcasing the individual flavors on our Facebook page and offering a special discount in the next few days. See you soon!

Miigwech (thanks) & enjoy!