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Last Known Survivor of the Brave Bear Massacre

This is my Grandfathers’ (“Pete” Delorme) father and mother. Patrice and Madeline (Laframboise) Delorme. Patrice was the last known survivor of the “Brave Bear Massacre” in July, 1874. Stories passed down through the generations still recall how his mother survived when she was stunned by a bullet that struck her crucifix! She was left for […]

Family Time is Cherished

I cherish the moments when I’m able to share time with my mom (Theresa) and sister (Mary) and we love to laugh! To look at us you’d never know that we’ve struggled with high blood pressure, high cholesterol and pre-diabetes, right? Sadly, our people are pre-disposed to these ailments. Pemmican Patty keeps these concerns in […]

Grandma Ida Made “Li bang” Old School Style

Almost weekly, in the early 1900’s, my Grandma Ida Delorme would start “high bread” (using yeast) in the evening. Throughout the rest of the next day, she would make and bake loaves & buns and li bangs, without any “modern” electricity or gas heating the oven. Decades later, Grandma Ida visited my cousin Debbie, who […]

Fueling Adventure Seekers for Generations

For centuries, pemmican has been fueling journeys for travelers of every kind. Pemmican fueled nomadic cultures and eased times that may have been lean – enough so that much of the early exploration and migration may have been significantly slowed or halted completely. Journeys of fur traders and European settlers surely would have been much […]

Rubaboo Stew Was Grandpa’s Favorite

As the weather gets cooler, the “comfort” food that I cook leans more towards soups and stews. I distinctly remember the smile on my Grampa Pete’s face (above) when he’d smack his lips and say “If we’re lucky, maybe Grandma will make us some rrrubabboooo”! When he’d roll his r’s and stretch out the ‘boo” […]