Mark Mcevers, State Partnership Program Director for the North Dakota National Guard picks up Pemmican Patty products for the 4th of July event in Togo, Africa

North Dakota National Guard shares Pemmican Patty products with Togolese friends

As the United States prepares for bright night skies filled with color and glitter, I’m happy to say we brightened people’s day with a few of our products in Togo, Africa. All thanks to the North Dakota National Guard who placed an order of 400 bags of jerky and 200 Bisonberry bars to be able to share at a 4th of July celebration hosted by the U.S Embassy in Africa.

In fact, each year, U.S Embassies around the world host an event to commemorate the 4th of July. This year, the event in Togo was held June 26, 2024, and recognized the 10th anniversary of the State Partnership Program between the North Dakota National Guard and Togo’s Armed Forces. The 10-year agreement symbolizes a deep commitment to mutual cooperation and is aimed at enhancing both military and civilian capacities. According to the North Dakota National Guard, the State Partnership Program promotes international security and community resilience through shared training and response strategies, focused on disaster preparedness and response. In this 10th year, this special partnership between North Dakota and Togo has grown beyond military ties to include private sector, educational, and cultural ties.

To better introduce the Togolese people to North Dakota, the North Dakota National Guard offered guests snacks from companies founded in the roughrider state and Pemmican Patty Food Company was one of them!  It’s a true honor to be recognized by a military entity, as we have a deep respect for those who serve our nation and their allies.

Attendees from North Dakota included National Guard officials, and employees from the Department of Commerce, private sector, and education sector. Togolese guests included top government and civil society figures, and embassy contacts from the education, logistics, military, culture sectors and more.

Upon receiving the order, I couldn’t help but reflect on the full circle journey of pemmican, as it was once a crucial trade food among fur traders, explorers and armies around the world, due to its sustainability. I’m overjoyed to be able to share pemmican’s cultural significance one bite at a time!

We sure hope the attendees enjoyed the celebration and hope this sets the stage for other military collaborations in the future.