Pemmican Patty Food Company takes the global stage!

Our founder and Pemmican products cook Patricia Mabin was recently featured on Italiavola & Travel, an Italian blog about travel and aviation news. The article’s title translates to, “Iconic Women of the Great American West,” and we couldn’t be more humbled to appear alongside such impactful Indigenous women and other women in business. The blog mention also confirmed we weren’t the only ones who viewed Patricia as such—iconic.

To finish off Women’s History Month, we wanted to put the spotlight on Patricia, the ‘Patty’ that makes up our brand, Pemmican Patty.

Patricia serves as the prominent figure of our brand and is the face featured in our logo. Although it may be animated, it captures some essence of her real-life persona. She exudes a welcoming smile and embodies a nurturing, vibrant spirit, but her journey has not always been this smooth.

Patricia has faced adversity more than once throughout her life. She can tell you stories about being a teenage single mother, divorce, homelessness, addiction, and health-related issues. Even after what most would consider major life setbacks, Patricia faced each life obstacle with grace, and perseverance.

At the age of 60, she put her focus on something she’d been dreaming about for years, keeping her Native American heritage alive in a tangible way. With the help of her family and faith, the Pemmican Patty brand was born! Patricia credits her Grandma Ida, her Auntie Lily, and other Métis ancestors before her for the idea. Patt learned her ancestors made pemmican to sustain themselves and others and wanted to create a modern version of the superfood. Thus, Pemmican Patty bars were created.

As we wrap up a month that honors the achievements and contributions women of all backgrounds have made throughout history, we leave you with this Ojibwe word: mindimooyenh. It’s the word used to describe an elder woman, and its English translation is roughly “the one who holds society together.” Elder women in our communities do this through modest, consistent work. They are committed to carrying on traditions, caring for family members, and preserving our culture.

We couldn’t be happier Patricia decided to preserve a tasty piece of Native American history, that is now being placed on the global stage.

Patt is a true representation of resilience, strength, and determination, and an inspiration to all women who have faced challenges and continue to persevere. We are proud to have Patricia as the face of our brand and honored to share her story with the world.


The Pemmican Patty Team