Last Known Survivor of the Brave Bear Massacre

This is my Grandfathers’ (“Pete” Delorme) father and mother. Patrice and Madeline (Laframboise) Delorme. Patrice was the last known survivor of the “Brave Bear Massacre” in July, 1874. Stories passed down through the generations still recall how his mother survived when she was stunned by a bullet that struck her crucifix! She was left for dead and was finally found the following day, sheltering in the woods. My mother, Theresa (Delorme) Mabin, remembers her Grandpa (Patrice) staying with her family when they lived on Gordon Lake. I’ve heard people say “who’s going to care in 100 years?”! My son was born 100 years after the massacre, in 1974. We share our stories so that our descendants will remember in 100 years! Thank you for joining us on our journey.