Fueling Adventure Seekers for Generations

Pemmican has been fueling journeys for travelers of every kind for centuries. It provided nourishment for nomadic cultures and eased times that may have been lean. Without pemmican, early exploration and migration may have slowed or stopped completely because of food shortages. For similar reasons, journeys of fur traders and European settlers would surely have been much more difficult. There’s no doubt that pemmican played a significant role in the establishment of governments and the survival of people. Pemmican contributed to the economic, cultural and political
strength of the Metis.

It is our desire to continue “fueling journeys” wherever that may lead. From Alaska to Mexico and everywhere in between! Hiking, biking, fishing, hunting, visiting a park or any number of occasions that could benefit from some quick, nutritious energy is where our pemmican-style snacks may travel with you. We wish one of our favorite travelers, Micah M., a safe and joyful journey through the peaks and valleys of Turtle Island!