Grandma Ida Made “Li bang” Old School Style

Almost weekly, in the early 1900’s, my Grandma Ida Delorme would start “high bread” (using yeast) in the evening. Throughout the rest of the next day, she would make and bake loaves & buns and li bangs, without any “modern” electricity or gas heating the oven. Decades later, Grandma Ida visited my cousin Debbie, who offered fresh bread for breakfast. Debbie loaded and started the electric bread maker before bed and woke to find Grandma at the counter, simply awestruck at the machine that did all the work while others slept! I can only imagine her thoughts as she waited for a bite of “homemade” bread! My mom, (Theresa) still says that one of the best parts of visiting “up home” (Belcourt) is eating “li bang made the old way”.

For centuries, meat was dried, pounded into flakes and blended with dried berries and tallow to make a food source that wouldn’t spoil. In 2019, Pemmican Patty’s products were initially made using a food processor & dehydrator, using the knowledge of the past to provide sustenance for the present and generations to come, combining traditions and modernization. Miigwetch for joining us on our journey.

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